The power is in your hands.

We want to empower you take control of your destiny. Our training courses offer a variety of solutions for IFS customers to streamline reporting, integration with other applications, data migration and recoverability.

We currently offer interactive training courses for Oracle PL/SQL programming and IFS IT/DBA administration, as well as a new class on Oracle protect and restore procedures. Interested students and professionals should download and submit the registration form at their earliest convenience—space is limited and courses fill up quickly. Class will primarily be taught near the new eNSYNC Solutions, Inc. corporate office located in downtown Kansas City, Missouri.

In this hands-on session we will simulate the most commonly experienced database issues, and walk you through the steps to quickly identify and resolve the­m—before it becomes a problem. Discover how to develop and implement your own backup strategy to recover from any eventuality. What’s more, you will learn how to fine-tune the RMAN command line and graphical interfaces to maintain optimal system performance.

  • 5 Days (Monday – Friday)
  • Price is $3,000 per student
  • Limited to 8 students
  • March 5-9, 2018
  • November 5-9, 2018

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This course will give application developers and report writers the skills to create complex reports and integrate IFS with other applications at the database level using Oracle objects. Any IFS developer on your staff would benefit from this class. Through hands-on instruction you’ll learn to develop stored procedures, functions, packages, and more to extend and customize the functionality of your IFS system.

  • 5 Days (Monday – Friday)
  • Price is $2,000 per student
  • Limited to 8 students
  • February 5-9, 2018
  • June 11-15, 2018
  • October 22-26, 2018

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This course will teach experienced PL/SQL application developers advanced methods to integrate IFS with other applications at the database level using Oracle objects, IFS message tables and IFS API sets. Any IFS developer on your staff responsible for developing integrations with your IFS system would benefit from this class. Through hands-on instruction, learn to develop stored procedures, functions and packages to manage IFS objects.

  • 5 Days (Monday – Friday)
  • Price is $2,000 per student
  • Limited to 8 students
  • November 6-10, 2017
  • April 16-20, 2018
  • August 20-24, 2018

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This course will give your IFS Systems Administrators the skills to manage and monitor your IFS infrastructure. Any IFS Systems Administrator on your staff would benefit from this class. This class is tailored for your specific version of IFS and your IT infrastructure.

  • 3 Days (Tuesday – Thursday)
  • This is a time and materials session. Please contact sales for pricing
  • Limited to 4 students
  • Dates are based on your schedule and instructor availability (Taught at your site)

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Alex Criger


This class is by far the most useful Oracle PL/SQL class I have ever attended. Basically, this is an in-depth and comprehensive PL/SQL course tailored to MY system. As an IFS user you really can't find this anywhere else.

Anne Stark

Well Balanced

The class was equally balanced between learning and practicing. Alan was a great teacher and took the time to explain if you didn't understand. He made the class fun, which can be tough to do with PL/SQL coding!

Cindy Hajash

Excellent Overview

Excellent overview of PL/SQL and IFS reporting. Now, after taking this class, I am able to diagnose problem reports/code and can write new/better code using the tools within the database.

Suvarna Kulkarni

Best Coding Practices

I am happy and satisfied that I got an opportunity to attend this session, it's worth coming here to learn some best coding practices and how to get familiar with IFS code. This is going to help me a lot—with general programming and with my current project. I am really looking forward to taking the advanced training course. Thanks Alan, for being a wonderful tutor and solving most of my problems!

Miles Christensen

Many Useful Shortcuts

Alan has shown me many useful shortcuts and given me a new perspective on the way PL/SQL is used within IFS. His teaching style is a perfect fit for any skill level from beginner to expert. He is extremely smart but is also able to work with students that have a very basic or limited skill set. I recommend this class to anyone who would like better knowledge in this area.

Wen Xu

Great Experience

I like the class. Alan is knowledgeable in IFS, and a great instructor. I’ve learned a lot not only on PL/SQL, but also on the Oracle database and IFS system. I just wish the class could be longer for more time to practice. I also had a great experience in Kansas City, thank you!

Brandon Frenchak

Incredible Value

This course was an incredible value for the price. I feel like there is nothing in Oracle that I cannot do now. If I can think it, I can make it, or at least have an idea of where to look to get started. I knew a bit about Oracle before and didn’t think I would learn much, but it filled in holes I didn’t realize I had, and taught me a bunch of things I did not know.

Jeff S.

Great Job

Alan does a great job facilitating class participation and encouraging everyone to learn from each other. This class adds a lot of tools for both novice and seasoned PL/SQL programmers.

David L.
Seven Seas Water

Very Useful

Alan Clark did an amazing job with the training, I found it very useful for programming in IFS. I learned a lot of good techniques to apply to our IFS system. I would definitely recommend this class.

Peter Amy


The class was very informative and addressed many questions that I had about how IFS works. This class will definitely make working with and in IFS easier.



This was an amazing class. I have learned so much practical information that I can use in my work. Alan was a great teacher.

Jennifer Sizemore
II-IV Optical Systems

Best Class Ever

The class was very informative and I was shown many things that will assist me in my job. Alan is a very good instructor and was able to keep all of the students engaged. To me this was the best class ever.



Both the content and teacher are great! A lot of useful information presented in an engaging manner.

Lori Maloney Snyder
Belvac Production Machinery, Inc.

Outside the Box

This class encouraged me to think outside of the standard IFS box by enabling me to create tools I never before thought possible. Alan is a fantastic instructor and I cannot wait to attend the advanced class next year. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the eNSYNC staff, who were attentive to our needs and made this week so productive and enjoyable.

Ric Reed
Application Specialist


Alan Clark did an amazing job informing and guiding us in the learning of real-world uses for PL/SQL in conjunction with IFS. I learned many things that I will use when I get back to the office. Bravo!