Richardson Oilseed Deploys ScanWorks

Formally known as Canbra Foods, Richardson Oilseed Processing in Alberta CA, was the first company in the world to market canola oil, and is one of Canada’s largest oilseed crushing, processing and packaging operations.

From seed crushing and oil extraction to refinement, processing and packaging, Richardson Oilseed takes canola from the field and transforms it into a wide array of products. Cooking and salad oils, margarine and shortening are supplied to both retail and food service markets. An extensive line of bulk canola oils is produced for other food manufacturers and exported worldwide.

Raw Material tracking and the issuing of that material to the Shop Floor is a concern for all Process Manufactures. Richardson Oilseed makes extensive use of Lot Numbers throughout the plant and accurate and timely material tracking and reporting from the shop floor were major objectives of the project, Richardson turned to eNSYNC solutions for our in-depth knowledge of the Distribution and Manufacturing components of IFS and our “out of the box” bar code solution for IFS: ScanWorks®.

In Phase 2 an automatic Palletizer was installed, which required integrating with IFS Shop Orders.

eNSYNC conducted a series of Webinars on ScanWorks and recommended four initial transactions with options for more in the future. Within a few weeks of deciding which of ScanWorks 40+ transactions were needed to meet their requirements, the first set of standard transactions was delivered. Testing, setup, and refining of additional transactions was completed over the next few weeks, well ahead of schedule.

Every bar coding system has some unique requirement and Richardson Oilseed was no different. Richardson required the user to Over Receive quantities on a Shop Order, typical of Process Mfg’s. However in IFS it requires four additional steps to modify a Shop Order once released, which would be too cumbersome for the shop floor personnel to process. eNSYNC came up with the solution by combining S.O. Receipt, S.O. Change Qty, Material Reserve, and Material Issue, automatically allowing them to produce and receive more quantity than the original Shop Order was set up to allow. This resulted in significant savings in time by not having to manually fix Shop Orders after the fact.

In addition to Over Receiving on a Shop Order, the following standard ScanWorks Transactions for IFS were delivered:

  • Receive from PO
  • Change Part Location
  • Shop Order Receive and Over Receive
    • Material Issue
    • Material Reserve
    • Change Qty
  • Inquiry (Part/Lot/ Look up Location)
  • Cycle Count

The Phase 2 automatic Palletizer project required the use of the same business process in the ScanWorks Shop Order transaction. A modification was made to receive quantities directly from the Palletizer instead of a scanner and updates were made in IFS automatically.

ScanWorks is delivering accurate, real-time data directly into the IFS database with two scanners in material receiving, along with two scanners dedicated to production for Shop Order Receiving. The streamlining of data entry and transaction processing, coupled with real time recording and validation of Lot numbers has greatly improved the shop floor reporting. Plant personnel are more efficient with critical information in their hands, without having to spend hours at a desk recording the days activities.

Our project has greatly benefited from eNSYNC’s in-depth knowledge of the IFS Application and out of the box transactions. We found eNSYNC easy to work with and very flexible as we developed our requirements over the course of the project.
Cory Frank, Project Manager, Richardson Oilseed