IFS “Back on Track” Services


The reality is that not all ERP projects go as smoothly as planned. Sometimes project scope gets bigger than anticipated, the ERP project team is unable to achieve success, or your implementation team simply isn’t able to get the job done.

eNSYNC Solutions has the experience to help your company with a project recovery plan. Through an extensive evaluation we will reassess the original vision of your IFS ERP project and assist your company to deliver a return on investment. With our senior consulting team you can be assured we will get your ERP project “Back on Track”. Our team of professionals can provide the direction, guidance, and hands-on project management to regain control over your project.

Our back on track service includes:

  1. Thorough onsite analyses of the current project state.
  2. Analysis of a desired ‘to-be’ state; what was your original objective for your ERP system.
  3. A comprehensive action plan with cost assessment.
  4. Implementation of the action plan. eNSYNC can support your new implementation through consulting and technical services.