Real-time, accurate data provided by wireless barcode data collection

Now you can unlock the power of your IFS Applications and optimize your ERP system’s performance with real-time, accurate data provided by wireless barcode data collection with ScanWorks®. Our barcode data collection solution is the most popular and widely used solution for IFS Applications.

Work Smart Transaction Bundles

“Work Smart” productivity bundles in ScanWorks support a wide variety of transactions standard for all versions of IFS Apps. Using the productivity bundles you can logically combine and simplify process steps and speed up transactions to boost worker productivity.

Purchase Order Receipt Issue to Shop OrderWork Order – Material Issue
Inspect Purchase Order Receive to Shop Order Work Order-Report Time
Move to StockReceive to Repetitive Job Work Order-Return Material
Change Inventory Part Location Report Man Hours Change Work Order Status
Receive From Transit Clock In Work Order-Report Work Done
Part Inquiry Clock Out Create Work Order
and more...

Reap the benefits of ScanWorks

eNSYNC Solutions has delivered tremendous benefits for ScanWorks users worldwide, including:

  • More timely data capture.
  • Valuable data captured in areas not previously considered.
  • Increased quality checks and controls at critical stages in manufacturing process.
  • Increased visibility of inventory: from purchased parts, to packaging materials to sales parts.
  • Improved product tracking.
  • Streamlined data entry process.
  • Reduced labor costs.
  • Reduced inventory costs.
  • Improved sales.
  • Increased customer satisfaction.
  • Improved employee job satisfaction.


Gain significant productivity through streamlining transactions that will update and validate in real time.  With smart screen design and built-in intelligence, ScanWorks is fast and accurate, equating to higher productivity.

Smart Labels

Label printing for IFS enables users to request a single label or a batch of labels, with the ability to quickly print a wide variety of labels including raw material, part information and finished goods labels. All symbologies and standard industry templates are provided within an easy to use GUI label design tool.

Product barcode labels can be configured to include the most important information tracked in the inventory system. Label formats can also be easily modified to support large labels, graphics and custom information. Typical product labels include information such as serial number, lot number, part code, part description and key values.

Global market leader in enterprise labeling solutions, Loftware, is fully integrated into ScanWorks, enabling you to produce mission-critical barcode labels, documents, and RFID Smart tags across the supply chain.

For more information, download the ScanWorks Brochure here.