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10792130_lPricing tables and Pricing Agreements in IFS are very flexible. IFS users often utilize hundreds of price agreements to meet the numerous requirements that customers expect. All that flexibility comes at a cost… maintaining all those agreements and updating them.

eNSYNC did it one better by developing PriceWorks™. We have a handy standalone utility that makes uploading data for price agreements, sales part pricing, price lists, and more as easy as filling out a spreadsheet and uploading a file. It will improve the performance of your sales staff by allowing them to get pricing changes done right and on time.

Bonus: We also have a clever pricing add-on that allows you to assign multiple price lists to a customer. When they order a part they get the lowest price for that part from all their price lists. The customer order screen also records the price list it came from. All you need to do is maintain the price list and the add-on does the rest. Better yet, it doesn’t modify any base code!

If your sales department and CSR’s are exhausted from manually updating IFS pricing tables then check out PriceWorks.