Our shop floor data collection gateway for IFS

17022179_lYou have invested heavily in your business system with both time and money. You have finance set up, distribution streamlined and you even have manufacturing running with shop orders. So what’s missing?

What about all those machines out on the shop floor? How great would be to close the loop and send shop orders to the floor and return actuals back into IFS! That’s where DataWorks™ can help.

Integrate with DataWorks

eNSYNC Solutions has delivered tremendous benefits for DataWorks users worldwide, including:

Assign & Track


Get Accurate


Full Recipe


Paperless Data



DataWorks is the solution

If you have mixers, blenders, roasters, die cutters or punches with PLC’s controlling them, we can interface them to your IFS system using our collection of API’s and Oracle tables. Using IFS’s powerful custom fields, we can map all your unique data into IFS so reporting and analysis is easily managed from one source. We also can generate custom .Net interfaces for applications that require a unique interface in IFS.

So what’s missing… nothing with DataWorks!