Getting your IFS documents to your customers and suppliers faster means more money in your pocket. eMailWorks™ is an API set that emails any IFS report directly to a recipient list without making any report changes. The emails are sent directly from your database to your email server for processing, no need to setup and maintain separate finicky servers. eMailWorks makes it simple. In less than a day you can be sending invoices, orders, and statements out automatically from IFS without copying, pasting or opening any other applications.

Features and Functions

  • You get to specify per customer what reports are eMailWorks enabled.
  • You can create custom subject and message body templates for each report using a list of built in substitution variables. This lets you tailor your emails to include specific information such as invoice due dates, company names, customer names, etc.
  • eMailWorks supports both text and html formats for your emails. Sending a professional looking email makes a positive statement.
  • Each IFS user can have a custom signature. Why send out text alone when you could include your standard email signature block.
  • You have the option of sending the emails from a common email address or use the email address of the IFS user that created the report. Customers and suppliers often have questions. Wouldn’t it be easier to send emails they could reply to?
  • You can limit emailing by company, contract, and site.
  • You can enable or disable eMailWorks on a per IFS user basis.
  • eMailWorks keeps a log of every report sent. The log includes information like the report ID, sender, recipient, and specific report information such as company, identity, customer number, address number, invoice number, and many more.
  • Upgrading IFS? No problem, eMailWorks can usually be upgraded to your current IFS version in less than a day.

Here is a list of some of the more popular documents users enable for eMailWorks.

  • Customer Order Confirmations
  • Customer Order Invoices
  • Instant Invoices
  • Purchase orders
  • RMA

Bonus: Ask us how you can schedule invoice reminders. How would your bottom line look if you automatically reminded customers that an invoice is coming due or is past due? No need to have a finance person spend all day manually sending emails, let eMailWorks do it for you.

For more information, download the eMailWorks Brochure here.

eMailWorks Architecture