Custom IFS Development

8406959_sWhile customization have gotten a bad name in the industry and are to be avoided where possible, it still comes up in almost every project. Sometimes it is just reports that need modifications or screens that need minor changes for facilitating data entry or navigation. But when the functionality just isn’t there, you need a customization.

eNSYNC has the functional and technical resources to assist in the design, development and installation of custom programs that seamlessly fit into your ERP application without jeopardizing the integrity of your system or impacting your future upgrade.

Over the years we have developed a wide range of customizations.  Examples of our work include:

  • Custom shop floor data entry.
  • Integration with an automatic palletizer.
  • Import of serial numbers.
  • Price list import function.
  • Credit card integration.
  • Shipping modules for UPS and FedEx.