Oracle Database Management

dba-services1eNSYNC’s Oracle DBA team provides world-class consulting services. For those companies that may not have a DBA on staff or the experience working with IFS and Oracle, eNSYNC can augment your team and train your IT staff on how best to maintain your system.
Our database services include:

Data migration can be required for a variety of reasons.

New upgraded servers, database versions driven by better performance, outdated hardware or legacy systems getting phased out. Whatever the reason data migration requires careful planning and execution.

We can help you plan the project, spec the hardware, and install the software to get the most out of your configuration.

Take the risk out of your project and contact eNSYNC for guidance on the best way to execute Oracle import and export utilities.

eNSYNC can assist with the implementation of your backup and recovery strategy using various methods including Export/Import, Cold or Off-line Backups, Hot or On-line, and Recovery Manager (RMAN). It is often advisable to use more than one of these methods to backup your database.

Does your backup strategy match your business needs? Are you backing up frequently enough to prevent a large data loss?

We can help you design a backup and recovery strategy that matches your needs to protect your data as well as providing you recovery with minimum downtime.

Does your organization also backup all required parameter files, software libraries, password files, etc?

Your organization may also need to backup archived log files if your database is in ARCHIVELOG mode. eNSYNC DBA’s can work with you to design, plan, implement and test all the backup and recovery strategies you need to have in place.

Ensure database availability and up-time with a Standby Database. Our engineers can help you plan, deploy, manage, administer, monitor and troubleshoot a standby database. Don’t get caught with a dead system and nowhere to turn.

Do you have a disaster recovery plan for catastrophic events such as flooding, tornado or hurricanes.  What would you do in the event of brown outs or power outages.  Oracle Standby Database is the answer to ensuring no vital data is lost in the event of a disaster.

eNSYNC can assist you with setting up your Oracle Standby Database.  Here's how it works:

  • In most implementations, your production database server generates archive logs (transactions logs).
  • On a periodic basis these logs are shipped over to one or more standby databases.
  • The standby database then recovers the logs and sleep waiting for more logs or to be activated as the production database.

Our DBA’s use Oracle’s state of the art performance monitoring tools to determine what resource bottlenecks are negatively affecting performance.

Poor SQL statement performance and high CPU usage on your Oracle database server can cripple your business operations that depend on quick and reliable data access. Slow SQL processing almost always indicates the need for performance tuning.

We will analyze your database bottlenecks and make recommendations to improve your Oracle database performance.


The Oracle Health Check is a review of your database's performance, health, reliability and variety of other items which the audit may address depending upon your specific business needs. The review can cover best practices in security, overall performance, backup/recovery, high availability, migrations, upgrades, and other key database checks and balances, while focusing on specific problems or concerns your might have. The Health Check analysis can be performed either on site or remotely depending on your business requirements.

eNSYNC will produce a written report detailing any concerns that were uncovered during the analysis, as well as our recommendations for both performance improvement and issue resolution for the specific focus you requested,. The Health Check report’s recommendations aim to leverage the database environment to its fullest potential while providing operation stability. The report will have clearly defined priorities based on the health check results, and can be followed up with a conference call to discuss the findings with the a DBA team member. eNSYNC is also available to assist with the implementation of the recommendations contained in the report document.

eNSYNC Solution's certified Oracle DBA engineers will work with you to plan, install, configure, tune, and customize Oracle per your specific business needs.

An Oracle Database delivers industry leading performance, scalability, security and reliability on a choice of clustered or single-servers running Windows, Linux, and UNIX. It provides comprehensive features to easily manage the most demanding transaction processing, business intelligence, and content management applications.

Your Oracle Database comes with a wide range of options to help grow your business and meet your users' performance, security, and availability expectations. We can help you take advantage of the most dependable data server solution for your business’ data?

Oracle licensing can be confusing. eNSYNC can assist you in selecting the right licensing for your database as well as the numerous other Oracle related products. Do you know what an ASFU license is, we do and are happy to explain the pros and cons.

It is difficult and expensive to find skilled Oracle IT professionals. By utilizing eNSYNC’s Oracle technology outsourcing professionals, our customers can cut database administration costs by as much as 50%.

  • Oracle Outsourcing provides on-demand support and you only pay for the services that you need.
  • Oracle Outsourcing assures quality therefore you get expert support from experienced, Oracle certified professionals.
  • By choosing eNSYNC, you are hiring a American Oracle outsourcing pro therefore are protected by strict American privacy and data security laws.

We want you to think of our DBAs as your best partner for remote Oracle Database administration. From designing and architecting new database systems to tuning Oracle or seamlessly maintaining large production systems, we work alongside our clients to provide reliable, scalable, high-performing IFS Oracle databases.

eNSYNC can provide complete Oracle design starting from the initial concept all the way through implementation.

We have a proven history of designing robust and reliable Oracle database architectures and can recommend appropriate hardware, software, tools and Oracle support.