IFS Security

Don’t “role” the dice with your security. IFS security is a critical component of your business system but when was the last time you did an assessment of your security set up? Do you really know who has access to your GL accounts, purchasing, or finance? There are over 60,000 possible security settings in IFS and several different places in the application to set up and manage them all. If your industry is regulated then you must meet certain compliancy requirements. Out of the box security roles rarely reflect individual business needs, in less than a week we can help tailor security specifically to you.

Don’t play games with your security

  • Has your IFS security been set up but doesn’t work?
  • Are you being audited and need to make some changes?
  • Has IFS security never been turned on in the first place?

If you answered yes to any of these three questions, we can give you assistance.
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